Contemporary Artists from Belarus

Between Europe and Europe

Imago Mundi

Inspirations, aspirations, hopes and colours powerfully emerge in this volume that collects the works of 159 artists; emerging young talents and established names, who live and create in Belarus, the “terra incognita” of Svetlana Aleksievic, journalist and writer, 2015 Nobel Prize winner in Literature. A collection that portrays the lively, complex, sometimes contradictory process of opening up to the world, of internationalization, that is underway here, also in the arts. The artists of Belarus experiment; they strive and seek the common homeland of art. That beauty in things that everyone can understand. In the words of Chagall (whose real name was Moishe Segal, and was Belarus by birth), “art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers – and never succeeding.”

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